Privacy notice

In accordance with the obligations imposed by Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013 for the collection and processing of personal data, PRODESA informs you that the information provided by you to complete this form may contain private personal information. In this sense, the purpose of the direct or indirect collection and processing of personal data by PRODESA is to store your data in the databases of PRODESA in order to contact you by phone, email or post to inform you about products and real estate projects that PRODESA develops, promotes and markets.

PRODESA is committed to compliance with the rules on protection of personal data and therefore informs you that your rights as the collected data owner are:

i) Know, update and correct personal data against PRODESA, responsible for or controller of the data processing, or exercise the right against whom has received the data as a result of data transmission thereof. This right may be exercised, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, split, misleading data, or those whose treatment is prohibited or not authorized.

(ii) Request proof of authorization granted to PRODESA, who is responsible for data processing, unless expressly excepted as a requirement for processing.

(iii) Be informed by PRODESA, who is responsible for or the controller of the data processing regarding the use that has been given to their personal data, upon request, (iv) Submit to the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce complaints for violations of the personal data protection policy,

(v) Revoke the authorization and/or request removal of personal information when, at the moment of processing, the principles, rights and legal and constitutional guarantees are not respected,

(vi) Access for free to personal data which have been processed. In light of the foregoing, the consent given to PRODESA by the owner of personal data collected or supplied so that the data is processed in accordance with the terms and purposes contained in the processing policy that is available at

Data Manager Contact Information: PRODESA is responsible for processing the data covered by this Privacy Notice. For any questions related to information processing or the authorization granted by filling out this form, the owner may contact PRODESA by sending his request in writing to Carrera 7 No. 73-55 piso 14 Bogota or by email to